Accessorize your Nose - Fabulous Trend of Nose Rings

Jewelry is supposed to adorn almost every part of your appearance starting from your head to the toe! 

Just the necklace and earrings, nose rings too have made a unique fashion statement in jewelry. Practiced most commonly in Indian culture, the trend of nose rings originated in the Middle East.

In western countries, this trend may seem new and unique but it has existed for centuries in some countries including India. In India, it appeared first around 16th century during the Mughal period.

Types of Nose Rings Worn in India:
The nose rings that appeared initially in India did not even resemble rings. They were flat decorative patterns having a floral design, fixed by a screw coming from the inner side of the nostril through the hole.

The nose rings worn today feature numerous styles and designs. Apart from that, women choose different spots where they can wear the nose ring, based on which the designs too differ.

Studs: These are also known as “phul” and are mostly worn in the nostril. The stud is placed on the outer side. From the inner side, the screw passed through the hole and holds the stud firmly.

Straight Barbells: These are used to adorn the bridge of the nose between the eyes.

Circular Barbells: As the name says, these nose rings are circular in shape and also go by the name “nath”. These are worn on the septum that is the cartilage separating the nostrils. Some particular types of these nose rings are so large, that they can cause difficulty in eating.

Metals Used for Making Nose Rings in India
In India, gold is the most commonly used metal for making nose rings. The purity can vary from 14 to 24 carat. Other metals like nickel, niobium, titanium and alloys like steel are also used for making earrings.

Positions for Wearing Nose Rings
There are three positions for wearing the nose rings namely, the nostrils, septum and the bridge of the nose. While nose rings can be worn on each of these spots, women mostly prefer the left nostril. According to Ayurveda, piercing the left nostril considerably reduces the menstrual pain and makes child birth easier.

Nose Rings as a Tradition
Wearing nose rings is an important tradition for women of all religions, particularly in India. Nose rings have been linked to the Goddess of Marriage according to Hindu Mythology and thus are worn by almost all married Hindu women.

Nose tings are not just a tradition, but also a fashion statement. Many actresses have flaunted an amazing look wearing nose rings in movies. Recall Aishwarya Rai Bachhan's look in Jodhaa Akbar. Though quite traditional, nose ring is an amazing jewel.
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Beaded Jewelry For A Stunning Style Statement

Being crazy about fashion, you observe the latest trends and make it a point to follow them as far as you can, whether it is about the outfits or about the accessories.

Whatever be your style, you cannot complete your look without jewelry. It has become more than just a  fashion statement nowadays. There is wide variety of designs, so that you can choose specific designs for a particular occasion.

Beaded designs have gained significant popularity  jewelry fashion. The design features just small spherical balls made of metal, plastic glass or wood.  

The best thing about these designs is their ability to fit into a variety of looks. In fact, if your choice of colors is smart enough, you can pair beaded jewelry with any attire of your choice. These designs are considered as the best match with casual attires including beach-wear and  Indo western attires such as the combination of kurta and jeans.
If you still haven't tried beaded jewelry, here are a few reasons which might inspire you to do so.

Choice of material:
Most of the traditional jewelry includes metallic ornaments which are quite bulky. You may not always feel very comfortable wearing those. With beaded jewelry , you don't have to worry about that. Beaded designs can be made using plastic, glass as well as wood which are light in weight.

Multiple styles:          
You may think that a set of small spherical balls can make only one particular design. If you do , you are wrong. There are numerous of beaded designs. While some of them feature beads of same size, some others have beads of different sizes. In some designs you will also find beads combined with metallic pieces or wooden pleats. These designs further add to the count.

Suits any look: 
Any look you sport be it formal, traditional, casual,funky or Indo western, it can be excellently complemented by a smartly chosen beaded jewelry. For instance, a black beaded necklace makes an incredible combination with a sophisticated formal outfit. Similarly a  white beaded necklace will look awesome when paired with traditional sarees. Not only necklaces, beaded bracelets too can spruce-up your look with any attire, especially casual attires.

Numerous color combinations:
This is probably the best advantage of beaded designs. These designs can have a combination of differently colored beads.

Comfortable to wear:
In most of the beaded necklaces and bracelets, the beads are held together through an elastic string. This makes them adjustable in size and hence you can wear them without any trouble.

Beaded jewelry is not only fashionable but also suitable enough to be worn for any occasion. Besides, it is very easy for you to maintain them. You will find numerous styles of beaded jewelry in here at Log on to this website and order what you like.

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Accentuate your Beauty with Perfect Earrings!

Earrings are vivid jewelry that enhances your persona if used in a right way. Right earrings make your face attractive and put your at limelight at certain occasions. As the same earring does not suit to each and every person, in the same way same earring does not fit to each and every occasion. So if you are women who always remain cautious about your appearance you should also have to pay a little more attention toward selection of a proper earring. Earring remains close to your face and despite of their varied size they define your whole persona.

Get a Befitting Pair
It becomes very important that your earring match your outfits though it is not enough. It becomes equally important to choose one that perfectly matches your face. Earrings are very important aspect of your whole persona. It is something that enhances your persona.

Choose One According to Shape of your Face
You need to choose one according to your face, for instant round earring is perfect for women’s with rectangular face. Earrings are the essence of fashion statement and they enhance your personality like nothing else does.

There are many varieties of earring are available on you can choose the one that better defines your style and class. Choosing a right one become extremely convenient with a wide range of product available. Here at there is something for everyone and some of them are mentioned below:

Drop Dangles
These earrings are in trend this season. These earrings accentuate your beauty and are best for narrow and diamond shaped faces.

Behind-the-Ear Cuffs
This kind of earrings suit the narrow and heart shaped faces and ideal one to wear at special occasions.
Diamond-Shaped Chandeliers
These are highly elegant earrings that provide decent and sober look and enhance your personality.

Teardrop Earrings
These earrings are perfect for women with women with oval, round and heart shaped faces.  This type of earrings also provide you exotic look and are very popular all over the globe.

Where to Check out the Variety?
Here are some varieties available on that you can check out.

This is a silver jaali earring that can be perfect for any party, occasion or else you can wear them on your regular basis as well.

This sober classy earring adds class to your personality. This incredible earring suits both western and ethnic outfits.

So what are you waiting for go to and find out the best earring according to your persona. Earrings available on the site are made to accentuate your beauty. Using these remarkable products you steal limelight at any occasion.

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Bracelets Can Make A Difference!!

Jewelry is something every woman needs, be it simple, sophisticated or loud and chunky! For years, it has been an important part of the look. You should check out some instances from Indian history where jewelry apparently dominated over the dress code.
Well, that doesn't imply you should try getting into those era-old trends, but yes, you can't disagree with the fact that jewelry more or less defines your look on some special occasions! Starting with simple rings and chains, the trends have moved on to stylish neck strings, necklaces, pendants, toe-rings and bracelets. 
One of your wrists has a watch strapped around it most of the time!  As for the other one, bracelet is the best option.
Bracelets never go out of fashion no matter what! It is just the styles and designs that keep changing  with the trend.
Check Out Some of the Trendy Bracelets You can Wear!
Studded Bracelets: An excellent design with a shiny stone in its middle! Thats what studded designs are all about. Bracelets with such designs will give you a royal look when you wear them. You can try that for occasions like marriages an engagement ceremonies.
Beaded Bracelets: Casual and Indo- western attires make the best combination in the best way with beaded bracelet. Beads are just small round pieces made up of wood, plastic or glass, but when combined together, these form a majestic design.  
Metallic Bracelets: Metallic stuff is known for its sturdiness and shiny look. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry to adorn your formal look, a metallic bracelet is a good choice. Looking simple and stylish at the same time, metallic bracelets will add more appeal to your appearance.
Bracelet with Ring: This design features the amazing combination of two jewels in a single piece. It looks as extraordinary as it sounds. The  bracelet is connected to a small ring by a chain. You can wear the bracelet on your wrist while one of your fingers has a beautiful ring around it.
Crochet Style Detachable Bracelets: A chic piece of jewelry that can be easily worn and removed as per your comfort, surely deserves to be a part of your collection. The crochet design in these bracelets has been made using metallic alloy as well as beads which together render a uniqueness to the look. Apart from that, these are detachable, giving a great relief to those who worry too much about the size.
Aspects like adjustable size and trendy design, make bracelets even better than bangles. You can however wear both of them alternately, based on the occasion and the kind of outfits. Here at, you will find a wide variety of stylish bracelets to choose from. 
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