Accessorize your Nose - Fabulous Trend of Nose Rings

Jewelry is supposed to adorn almost every part of your appearance starting from your head to the toe! 

Just the necklace and earrings, nose rings too have made a unique fashion statement in jewelry. Practiced most commonly in Indian culture, the trend of nose rings originated in the Middle East.

In western countries, this trend may seem new and unique but it has existed for centuries in some countries including India. In India, it appeared first around 16th century during the Mughal period.

Types of Nose Rings Worn in India:
The nose rings that appeared initially in India did not even resemble rings. They were flat decorative patterns having a floral design, fixed by a screw coming from the inner side of the nostril through the hole.

The nose rings worn today feature numerous styles and designs. Apart from that, women choose different spots where they can wear the nose ring, based on which the designs too differ.

Studs: These are also known as “phul” and are mostly worn in the nostril. The stud is placed on the outer side. From the inner side, the screw passed through the hole and holds the stud firmly.

Straight Barbells: These are used to adorn the bridge of the nose between the eyes.

Circular Barbells: As the name says, these nose rings are circular in shape and also go by the name “nath”. These are worn on the septum that is the cartilage separating the nostrils. Some particular types of these nose rings are so large, that they can cause difficulty in eating.

Metals Used for Making Nose Rings in India
In India, gold is the most commonly used metal for making nose rings. The purity can vary from 14 to 24 carat. Other metals like nickel, niobium, titanium and alloys like steel are also used for making earrings.

Positions for Wearing Nose Rings
There are three positions for wearing the nose rings namely, the nostrils, septum and the bridge of the nose. While nose rings can be worn on each of these spots, women mostly prefer the left nostril. According to Ayurveda, piercing the left nostril considerably reduces the menstrual pain and makes child birth easier.

Nose Rings as a Tradition
Wearing nose rings is an important tradition for women of all religions, particularly in India. Nose rings have been linked to the Goddess of Marriage according to Hindu Mythology and thus are worn by almost all married Hindu women.

Nose tings are not just a tradition, but also a fashion statement. Many actresses have flaunted an amazing look wearing nose rings in movies. Recall Aishwarya Rai Bachhan's look in Jodhaa Akbar. Though quite traditional, nose ring is an amazing jewel.
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