Style Yourself up with Wooden Jewellery!

“There’s an office party coming up. I need to buy a new pendant”.  Thoughts like these pop into your mind every time you plan to attend a special event or go out on an important occasion.

Ever noticed that jewellery is your first concern while you think about your look for a special occasion? Your love for jewellery doesn’t need a recall! Isn’t it among your craziest desire to sport a fascinating look with an amazing collection of jewellery? Compliments like “wow” and “so beautiful” on wearing it add more to your joy.
Be it a marriage, party or any other occasion, the jewellery choice of many women revolves around the metallic stuff like golden and silver jewellery or diamond-studded jewellery. These are really expensive and apart from that can cause you a lot of trouble on maintaining.
Today’s generation keeps on experimenting new styles like funky, punk and street style. This need can’t be met by metallic jewellery. How can you expect a ultra modern woman to wear a traditional necklace with the usual dress code? That’s where wooden jewellery comes into play.

What is special about wooden jewellery?
Everyone loves wearing attractive jewellery but the type of accessory chosen may not necessarily be the same. Not everyone likes the old traditional jewels. For such people wooden jewellery is the best way to portray a distinct sense of style.

Being much cheaper than the metallic jewellery, wooden jewels can be easily purchased by most of the people. Wooden jewellery seems to be a little ancient. It is true that people used to make it but it never was preferred in older times. Now that wooden jewellery is growing in prominence, it seems we are tracing our steps back into the tradition.

As the name says, wooden jewellery is made up of wood. With its light weight, low cost and the huge variety of designs available for it, wooden jewellery is becoming popular especially among the young ones who prefer to stay away from the heavy and bulky metallic jewellery.

Unlike the thin glass bangles, wooden bangles are thick and have a smooth surface. That’s the beauty of it! There are a variety of bangles having different designs and textured patterns made on them. You can pair these bangles with dress code of your choice, whether it is formal, traditional, casual or even Indo-western. Apart from fashionable these are also comfortable to be worn and removed. You don’t have to stress yourself taking specific steps to care for it. Keeping it clean is enough to maintain it. You can find a large variety of trendy wooden bangles here at

Believe it or not, but wooden jewellery has brought about an entirely new face of necklaces. The designs of wooden necklaces are highly extraordinary. With various elements like beads and wooden chunks, the design of these necklaces looks incredibly awesome. The maverick design makes the necklace go with any outfit. You can find highly fashionable necklaces at this website.      

Unlike the metallic ones, wooden earrings are much lighter and don’t cause much trouble to your ears. You can find a number of designs for these which suit both casual and formal looks. You find a huge collection of smart wooden earrings here at
Its difficult to wear metallic jewellery on daily basis… but yes, this is not applicable to wooden jewels. Just log on to and pick the wooden jewels of your choice.


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