Nose Rings’ Rising Trend!

Nose ring is the recent trend which is spreading among youth since a long time… women have got their nose pierced and festooned it with enchanting nose rings; nonetheless, it is rather quite painful process. Nose ring is considered the emblem of beauty and is an essential part of fashion accessory. Nose rings enhance your beauty by alluring it with gorgeousness, sensuality and appeal. These days, it is not limited to South Africa, nor is linked to religious rituals any longer. It is a trendy accessory which accentuates your beauty.

Sania Mirza’s funky nose rings are famous among young girls. It adds proffer and sensuality to women’s persona. Every girl is crazy about captivating nose rings, no matter, if she is newly married bride or a college girl, every-body loves to flaunt beautiful nose rings. Nose pin style is not only eminent in India but also many Hollywood stars, like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga were also seen sporting it.

Go Trendy with Stylish Nose Rings-

Nose screw- It is one of the simplest nose rings having curved shape. It gets easily fit against the nostril because of its unique design. It is in vogue, so girls; revamp your accessory collection with it.

Captive bead ring- It is an ultimate epitome of versatile jewelry. This kind of nose ring has beads with slight indents. It can be worn as a navel ring or a nipple ring besides sporting it in nose. 

Hoop nose ring- Large gold hoops with pearl beads or stones are sported by Indian brides. It has come back in vogue. It looks very exquisite and elegant. It is light weight and very comfortable to wear. Go trendy with it and be different from other people who are still stuck to nose studs. 

Bone nose ring- It is a straight nose stud, also known as nose pin. You don’t have to do efforts to wear it. It has its own charm and allure. Sport it with casual as well as ethnic attires and look utterly mesmerizing.

Bioflex plastic nose ring- It is made from hypo-allergenic, flexible and clear material. Some people call it as plastic nose stud or plastic nose ring. It is transparent and resistant to various temperatures; these qualities make it a marvelous jewel. If you like lightweight and flexible nose ring, go for it and make a style statement.

Guchhedar nath- In Maharashtra, women wear a long traditional nose ring on the side of their nose that adds to overall beauty. This style is a blend of chic and traditional which looks very appealing.

Nose ring is deemed a seductive ornament sported by brides as well as girls. Now, we say that captivating accessories are chic prop when you are in mood to make a traditional or bold fashion statement. So, what are you waiting for girls? Log on to to check the latest trend in accessories and buy them to make your own style quotient! 


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