Accentuate your Waist Line with Endearing Belts

Every sophisticated woman wants to become the center of attraction and desires to look elegant. Don’t worry; exquisitely designed chic belts will make you stand out for sure. Fashion accessories like- earrings, anklets, bracelets etc are the imperative items in every woman’s wardrobe as they add to their beauty and make them eye candy. One of their must have fashion accessories is captivating belt as they complete a woman’s look. These days women sport belts not only to festoon themselves, but also to make a fashion statement. Chic beaded belts add glamour, class and style to any attire.
Now-a-days, belts are not juts used to hold your pants up, they have become one of the essential fashion accessories. From summer sun dress to a trendy pair of jeans, from the weekend to the office, women are wearing belts on hips as well as on the upper part of the waist to enhance the beauty of their outfit.

Add a splash of color to your simple outfit:
Sport belts that match the shoes, bracelets, rings etc and it becomes essential when the color of your outfit is different from the belt. Go with bold colors as these are in vogue and pairing vivid colors is one of the newest trends in fashion industry these days. Go brighter with neon beaded belts emphasizing your weekend look. Wear green or hot pink beaded belts with graceful blue blazer for the office.
Style statement:
These days, women are getting attracted to wide belts. A wide alluring belt on a dress or tunic accentuates the look. A belt sported this way makes the illusion of tiny waist. To make a focal point in your attire, go with belts that have smaller buckle or distinctive design.

Look for skinny belts to wear with your linen pants or over cardigans as they look very elegant yet trendy.  You can sport thin belts over anything to compliment your outfit. Go for printed, sequined or braided thin belts to flatter your weekend wear. For office purpose, look for fascinating leather skinny belts.
Try wide leather belt with intricately designed buckle over floral print outfit. Go for thin belt with an embossed design to highlight cardigan or skirt.
Sash belts are also getting attention these days since they are used to highlight the smallest part of the woman’s body. These belts look fabulous and compliment the dress.
Don’t go overboard with other accessories:
Exaggeration is not acceptable when we talk about fashion. Don’t go overboard with other accessories, when you are wearing a chic belt. Belts are made to add to your beauty and transform the look of your dress.
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