Dangle Earrings or Studs: What to choose?

Choosing between dangle earrings and studs is one of those decisions that women enjoy making. Being dressed up to the nines with a fabulous new party-wear on and a stunning hairstyle, women know that they are looking gorgeous but still they have questions in mind.  Which earrings to wear? The answer is one out of dangle earrings, tops and studs.

Having worn earrings for thousands of years, women still take a pretty long time to decide which type of earrings to choose for a particular occasion. Having been a symbol of privilege and wealth for several centuries, earrings hold a significant importance in jewellery.
Regarding the occasions to wear studs or dangle earrings, a certain set of rules has been defined. Here are some of those rules specifying the best times to wear dangly earrings and studs.

Choosing dangle earrings or studs based on your hairstyle:

Wear studs with your hair down:
When your hair is down, they are likely to get caught in the dangle earrings on your ears. So it is quite good for you to avoid wearing dangly earrings with your hair left open. Wearing studs is a much more practical choice for this situation. Small and closely attached to the ears they will not disturb your hairdo.

Go for dangle earrings with a formal hairdo:
Your formal look gets more striking and empowered when your hair in a bun or pony tail. With such a hairdo, your ears are exposed and wearing studs with this look is as good as wearing nothing. Such styles get even more adorned when you wear dangle earrings. You can sport stunning look with these earrings on.     
Pair studs and hoops with a casual hairstyle:
When tie your hair back sporting a less formal hairstyle, hoops or studs will make you look casual and cool.

Choosing dangle earrings or studs based on face-shape:

A heart-shaped face looks best with dangle earrings:
Studs look really good with certain styles but they may not necessarily suit everyone. For instance they don’t look that appealing on a person whose face is in the heart-shape. On the other hand dangle earrings look great on a heart-shaped face. With these earrings on the face appears more balanced than it would appear with smaller studs, thus enhancing the face shape.    
Studs are preferred for those having a long face:
Having a long face, you should choose studs rather than dangle earrings. They will take attention off the length of your face.

A round face:
If you have a round face then hoops or studs may tend to highlight the round shape. Dangle earrings are much more suitable for a round face as it acts to make the face appear thinner and longer.
Choosing dangle earrings or studs based on the occasion:

A job interview:
When you are about to attend a job interview over-the-top outfits are not a wise choice. You need to portray a calm and comfortable look with a little sophistication.  For this look, a pair of conservative studs is preferred over a flamboyant pair of sparkly dangle earrings.
Dinner date:
Looking glamorous and stylish is all you care about while planning for a formal dinner date. A shiny pair of dangle earrings is the best jewellery you can pair with your outfits for this occasion!

Both dangle earrings and studs are stylish in their own way but you can’t wear just one of them all the time. You should choose between them alternatively considering your look and the occasion you are going out for. Be it dangle earrings or studs, you always need to choose the most beautiful ones which suit your style. You don’t have to go far. Log on to www.khoobsurati.com  and you will find a wide range of jewellery including several designs of dangle earrings and studs. Just browse through this website and pick the best one for you. 


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