Types of Earrings to Make you Look Gorgeous!!

Earrings are an essential part of your wardrobe... 

Without wearing one, many ladies don’t step out of their houses…So today let’s talk about the types of earrings and with what they can be worn so that you can look your best. These days, you’ll spot many gals wearing earrings in some trendy designs, stylish stuffs and exclusive patterns… To check out some of the smartest and trendiest earrings collection, log on to KhoobSurati.com!  


Dazzling one

The long and stylish ones are my favorite, what about you? Do you like them? If yes then let me tell you they look the best on broad faces and oval faces. Dazzling earrings look perfect when teamed with sarees and one pieces. So if you have any of them, then pair it right and accentuate your beauty.

Dazzle pink Earrings
Dazzle red Earrings

Small Studs

Those cute and small studs that are mainly worn by college students come in many cute and amazing designs like some smileys, any animal or in any design you can think of. It is not that only those students can wear them, you too can pair them with casual wear like jeans top. 

Small earrings

Beaded and Round Ones

Those big earrings that contain some huge stones or beads look best on broad faces. They can be worn when you have your hair open. So buy one statement pair from KhoobSurati.com and enjoy wearing with either sarees or with some ethnic wear. I am sure you are going to rock!

blue stone ball earrings

Crystal Galaxy Dazzling Tops


Metal Earrings

These days, earrings are available in many styles & shapes and metallic ones are one of them. So if you like the elegance and style factor together, you must buy few so that you can make a fashion statement of your own. 

Comely Curved Metal Earrings

These were some of the major categories of earrings about which you need to be known. So next time when you visit KhoobSurati.com, keep the list in mind so as to shop accordingly. 


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