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Many of us love wearing dinky, cool and bewitching ear rings/ ear studs but have never given a try to prepossessing and spellbinding ear cuffs… If you are one of those, then it’s the high time to get the trendy one and make a style statement as they are hip once again. In fact, today they are fashion forward than ever. Hollywood starts, like- Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus have already embraced the trend.
Ear cuffs are rounded ear rings with or without chain and generally worn around outer cartilage. They not only embellish your lobe but also the entire area of ears, hair, neck and forehead. Silver, gold, titanium and copper ear cuffs are in vogue. You can wear them either in pierced or non pierced ears. In India, ear cuffs are very popular among youths.

How to Sport Ear Cuffs?
The mesmerizing designs of ear cuffs make people perplexed how to sport them. You don’t need to be worried; there are lots of ways to wear them. Ear cuff has a slit that allows it to wrap around the ear and fit into your ear’s canal snugly and gives a look of being pierced. You can sport them on the earlobe, outer edge of ear or in combination with other fascinating earrings.
Hold ear cuff and commence from the top edge of ear.
Slide it inward to clasp it to the inner rim and then move it down.
Tight it slightly with your hands so that it is not slipped off.
You can adjust ear cuffs’ size according to the thickness of your ear by stretching them out a bit.
To take them off, do the reverse.
Create a contemporary look with chic ear cuffs-
To get the extraordinary look, either wear your hair back or swept up high in order to make bun or high ponytail and let these captivating ear cuffs speak for themselves. You can try any of below listed ear cuffs that will add to your beauty for sure.
Basic ear cuffs-These are simple and made from metals, like – silver, gold, copper etc. Wear it with formal as well as casual attires.
Bajoran ear cuff- It is a two piece set. The top portion is a cuff and the lower portion is a stud, both are linked to each other through beautiful chain that hangs toward the back of your ear. Stud can be a flower, an insect or geometric shape, while the cuff could be hammered, engraved or etched. It is very cute and feminine that gives your outfit an elegant look. Sport it with flirty or summery outfit to get a youthful and fresh look.
Dangly ear cuff- To get more exotic and striking look, Dangly ear cuff is awesome. It looks very stunning as various designs like- butterfly, studs, leaves etc dangle from it that give it an exotic look. Wear it with western as well as ethnic attires to accentuate your look.
California convertible ear cuffs- These are the ear cuffs that you can add your own dangles to them according to you outfit.

If you want to adorn your ear’s cartilage, Log on to and buy the trendy ear cuffs to enhance your appearance.
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