How to Match a Luxury Watch with Your Clothing

A great way to boost the appeal of your outfit is to accessorize it with some fashion embellishments.
Fashion adornments not only append a bold, beautiful and modern touch to your personality, but also have a charm and elegance of their own. A great new trend has been started with new and eccentric embellishments coming in different styles that somehow add a particularly special appeal. One of these accessories is your luxury watch.

From a mere tool to keep track of time, watches have grown into an altogether distinctive fashion statement with new trends and designs coming each day. Now they are counted amongst as necessary adornments while judging an overall look of a person. There was a time when it was okay to wear any type of watch as there were fewer choices and relative fashion unawareness, but now they are made and chosen as per according to the personality of a person or to match the style of his clothing.

There are many types of wristwatches that are manufactured to suit the type of clothes you wear. From funky watches with bright colors to more elegant and suave designs with leather straps for a more professional and mature visage. However choosing a watch, so as to match with your outfits is a different and difficult task.
For all the cool and chichi fashionistas, we list out the ways to match your wristwatch to your clothing: 

1. Watch out for your complexion: 
Your skin tone and complexion makes an important part of the choice about which wrist watch you should go for. There are three types of skin tones and it is very easy to know what type of wristwatch will match which type of skin tone. For example, if you look at your hands and your veins appear bluish, then you have an awesome skin tone for which metallic white gold, silver and platinum should match. Similarly, people with darker skin tones and greenish veins should opt for warmer colors like brass, copper and gold.

2. Match with your clothing: 
This forms the most important part. It’s imperative to match the colors of your attire with your accessories. However, if finding the perfect match seems difficult then, common sense is the best tool to employ. For that matter, at least don’t pair orange dials or straps with orange outfits. Choose some near colors or contrasting ones or else it might look awkward.

3. Match with your hair color: 
Another important parameter to watch out for is your hair color. Light colored hair or blondes look amazing with silver or gold accessories. While black or brown colored manes matches well with golden color or strikingly contrasts such as red, orange, violets.

4. Adding the add-ons: 
You may as well append add-ons with your watch with elegant embellishments like bracelets or bands or you may match it with your jewelry like necklace or bangles that may enhance its looks.

5. Listen to your intuition: 
Ultimately the last but not the least thing to do is to listen to your heart. Most of the time, the inner intuition and inner advice are the best advice that you can get. See yourself in mirror and make sure that it looks perfect with your casual outfits. This way you may have a general idea, how your watch is going to match with your other outfits.

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