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Teenage, the most crucial phase in one’s life! It is a time to explore the world, to explore oneself! When you are a teen, it’s a point in time when you must enjoy to the fullest as you will surely miss it when you grow up. 

You not only have to look good but also have to create the impression wherever you go. You have numerous options to keep up with the latest trends. You can’t afford to miss any stone unturned while trying for a cool fashion statement or a make-over. In fact, there are many styles to choose from- hip hop, emo, prep & goth(ic) fashion, which are trendiest and coolest style statements. When it comes to get the perfect look, accessories play a major role. Now, accessorizing rightly can make you stand out in the crowd or do just the opposite. Here are a few tips and suggestions that you can use to jazz up your look:


A cute and chic bracelet that goes with every outfit is a must have for everybody. At khoobsurati.com, there are so many options to choose from. You can go for chunky ones or simple delicate ones. Native jewelry made of shells and coco beads also are a great choice and a great match with denims!


You can look fab in a simple, plain dress when combined with a smarn and sophisticated necklace. Combine right- go for long chains with plain clothing and chokers when putting on off shoulder or v-neck tops. Moreover, put on a long skirt when wearing a long necklace.  However, the mix-n-match choice is completely up to you,


A great way to enhance your look is by putting on a trendy sunglass. A cool and trendy glare is a great option! You need to shop for the latest trends. Go for some glares with unconventional shades and tints (for example, glares with a purple or pink hint). Black frames are a huge hit this season.

Bags and Belts: 

A stylish and chic messenger bag is a great accessory that suits your needs and turns heads at the same time. If you are putting on a simple long tunic, go for the large belt. Shimmer belts are great combination with tight fitted jeans and jeggings (when on a girls night out, you know!). Bling accessories are flashy but indeed are super cool.

All you need to do is combine right and you are sure to raise some brows. Girl, you will be the centre of attraction anywhere you go if you accessorize right with your clothing. The best thing about being a teen is the limitless options in fashion and a worry-free state of mind that helps you to try different styles. 

So wait no more… check out khoobsurati.com and grab the trendiest jewellery ever! 


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